President’s Leadership Council Presentation

Roughly once every three years, each department on the campus of Brigham Young University is asked to present at the President’s Leadership Council, consisting of school officials, notable alumni and school donors. These presentations function as an accounting of each program’s impact, accomplishments and goals.

LDS Philanthropies, the BYU Cougar Club and the BYU Athletic Department were to oversee the development of the hour long presentation and asked Canasian Media to create the video assets as well as the keynote presentation itself.

The presentation seamlessly interwove in-presentation graphics, over fifteen minutes of created video assets (ten of which are shown here), and several live speakers. The final product was massively well received, “moving [many in the room] to tears”.

Camera: Canon 7D
Edit: Final Cut Pro
3D: Cinema 4D

Production Company: Canasian Media
Director: Jon Howe
Director of Photography: Jon Howe
Editor: Jon Howe
3D Titles: Jon Howe
Written by: Tanise Chung-Hoon, David Almodova & Jon Howe

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