BYU Basketball – Rise Up

With two weeks before BYU would play to go to the Sweet 16, Canasian Media was tasked with creating a commercial that would unite fans nationwide and serve as a teaser for BYU’s “Rise Up” campaign that would launch the following year.

Because there would be only two more home games before the tournament, the spot would have to be concepted and shot as copy was being written. The piece was meant to put the viewer in the game as if they were part of the team to evoke a sense of discovery and nostalgia. After it aired, this spot was widely regarded, both internally and by the general public, as their most successful commercial ever.

Debuted: CBS Television before BYU vs. Gonzaga 2010

Camera: RED One
Edit: Final Cut Pro
3D: Cinema 4D

Production Company: Canasian Media
Director: Jon Howe
Director of Photography: Jon Howe
Editor: Jon Howe
3D Titles: Jon Howe
Written by: Brent Anderson & Jeff Sheets (Copy); Jon Howe

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