Jimmer Fredette – Profiles

No one could have predicted how successful Jimmer Fredette’s senior basketball season would be. Before it even started, BYU Athletics and Canasian Media spent four days in Jimmer’s home town of Glens Falls, NY to allow fans the chance to get to know him through a series of short profiles.

From getting to know his family to seeing him on his old home court in Crandall park, these profiles showed a side of Jimmer that hadn’t previously been seen publicly. As the beloved hometown boy, people traveled from two counties away for the chance to play pick-up basketball with him.

The videos were released in conjunction with the beginning of the 2010-2011 basketball season which would end up being marked by the frenzy that was Jimmermania.

Camera: Canon 7D
Edit: Final Cut Pro

Production Company: Canasian Media
Director: Jon Howe
Written by: Jon Howe
Director of Photography: Jon Howe
Editor: Jon Howe
Music: Blue Scholars

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