Marriott Center Renovation

BYU tasked Canasian Media with educating and exciting the BYU fan-base about arguably the most drastic renovations to the Marriott Center since its construction.

The companion pieces would require a delicate balance of sending a heartfelt message and creating hype while maintaining visual and thematic continuity.

The shoot was conducted over the course of two days; one for interviews, and one for shots of the building. After the edit was color corrected, the team at Canasian Media went to work to create titles that would float in 3D space within the environment, and most importantly, accurately create a section full of seats that wouldn’t exist for several months.

All parties involved with the project (BYU Administration, Marriott Center Administration, and BYU Athletics Administration) were extremely pleased with the final product.

Camera: RED One MX
Edit: Final Cut Pro

Production Company: Canasian Media
Director: Jon Howe
Written by: Jon Howe & Bill Hoops
Director of Photography: Jon Howe
Editor: Jon Howe
Motion Graphics & 3D: Layne Haacke
Music: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Highlights Courtesy of: Canasian Media

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