Ronnie Ron & Roscoe

When you have eighteen home basketball games to promote to thousands of students, who do you turn to for nearly an hour’s worth of comedy? Your athletes. When Associate Marketing Director Bill Hoops spotted Lamont Morgan Jr. and Charles Abouo joking around with their fellow players as a pair of old men, inspiration struck and the idea for Ronnie Ron & Roscoe was born.

Bill approached Canasian Media to create an episodic campaign that would release a short video prior to every home game.

The shoot was structured for Lamont and Charles to have as much room to improvise as possible. There were outlines for all of the proposed episodes, but many of the final spots were completely improvised on set.

The promotion was a wildly successful leading the BYU Athletic Marketing team to present at the NACMA Conference (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) and garnering them an award for “Best In Show – Student Promotion”.

View the full series here

Camera: Panasonic HVX-200
Edit: Final Cut Pro

Production Company: Canasian Media
Director: Jon Howe
Written by: Charles Abouo, Lamont Morgan Jr. & Jon Howe
Director of Photography: Jon Howe
Editor: Jon Howe

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